3 Seasons

Four misfit adventurers set out on a quest to rescue their lost party members, and try their hand at saving the world in the process.

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  • Standard Action: S2E0 - The Teaser

    Episode 1

    We've been away from our team of adventurers - Fernando the Bard, Gwenevere the Sorceress, Edda the Barbarian, and Martin the Druid - for a few months, and it's time to stop in and get reacquainted. Welcome to a day in the life of our new, levelled-up team: Edda tries to cheer Martin out of his p...

  • Standard Action: S2E1 - The Board is Set

    Episode 2

    A few adventures under their belts, and the team is heading back home. Little do they know that saving the world from evil has attracted the attention of some... less than savory characters.

  • Standard Action: S2E2 - Countless Doorways

    Episode 3

    With a well-placed magic missile, the party is haphazardly thrown through the very fabric of the universe! What twisted evils await them? And will they find their way back?

  • Standard Action: S2E3 - Watching the Watchers

    Episode 4

    With the party split across multiple planes, our adventurers end up toe to toe with some unexpected evils... and some familiar faces!

  • Standard Action: S2E4 - Inconceivable

    Episode 5

    Edda goes base to base with a masked man in the swamps, Fernando has his very foundations shaken by a vicious hobgoblin, and Wendy gets some horrifying news from the woman in white!

  • Standard Action: S2E5 - Don't Panic

    Episode 6

    Back together in the forest, Wendy, Fernando and Edda face up to Martin's awkward condition, and forthwith decide to take matters into their own hands.

  • Standard Action: S2E6 - Mine is an Evil Laugh

    Episode 7

    With Orlando safely in custody, our adventurers try their hand (crotch?) at interrogation, and learn a thing or two about what they may be up against in rescuing Martin.

  • Standard Action: S2E7 - Reckless

    Episode 8

    In a forest riddled with kobolds, Fernando introduces the party to an old friend, who takes them on a reckless journey after their missing Druid.